Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What the dogs are up to now

Amy Klobuchar, our freshman Senator, is making news lately with her goal to create a national carbon registry, where industry would have to report their emissions. Imagine polluters being held accountable? She was also on Minnesota Public Radio's "Midday" program yesterday and gave some thoughtful and fairly detailed answers to constituents who called or emailed with questions. A few of those callers were mad about the seeming inaction, but she gave a list of some accomplishments that made me a bit more optimistic about this class, especially when it comes to ethics and rules violations.

And Greg Palast sent an update on the U.S. Attorney firings and that Conyer's has collected Palast's evidence that Tim Griffin - Rove's caging co-conspirator - deliberately created a list of voters that would appear to be fraudulent, at least on paper. It's a tangled web that seems to be coming undone little by little. Read "The Tears of a Clone" on his website.

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