Sunday, February 03, 2013

Astrology Reading, 1983

[From my journal dated December 28, 1983. I was 24, living in San Francisco.]

I had my horoscope done a few weeks ago by a guy with hair down to his waist and matching beard. His name is Raymond and I can't wait to see him again. We talked for an hour about me, mostly stuff I know but needed clarifying. He said in the next two years I'll learn to accept my power and success AND money, and that my creative energies will be much stronger.

Up until spring '84, I'll be working through old energies, pics of who I was and what others see me as, getting my own values straight, and becoming who I am now, as opposed to who I was, i.e. student, writer, subservient daughter. Also, he said my relationships are "Hollywood romantic" now, but its helping me to trust my instincts. I see that it won't work to my ultimate fulfillment but go on for the experience. It will pass, though, he said, and I'll learn to recognize true love from romantic pleasure/pain. He said I have a very strong  Saturn, which makes me a tenacious person - the child wants things now; the adult hangs on too long. I have to realize completion without resolution. My childlike emotionalism will hang on my whole life. The struggle between my child and my serious person will become more of a compromise. Life will get easier. "Not easy but easier." He said I like weird and strange people, that I have close friends as opposed to acquaintances, and if there's anything I or anyone else says I can't do, I'll do it, because I can't stand limitations.

Me and Zooey in SF, a year later