Tuesday, February 27, 2007


It's ironic that conservatives, including the Bush administration, have so demonized and convinced the public to distrust the mainstream media, especially the media elites like the New York Times and CBS, while at the same time successfully using them to disseminate their war-mongering, hegemonic message.

Say "No" to New Coal Plants

This is from a letter sent to the Pioneer Press yesterday that I'm hoping will be published this week:

Coal-burning power plants are the biggest producers of greenhouse gases that cause global warming. Yet, federal and state governments are funding new coal gasification plants, such as the Mesaba Energy Project in Taconite, Minn. The project proposes to use “clean” coal technology that will have lower CO2 emissions than traditional plants, but there are no good examples to prove that assertion. Pawlenty has agreed to have the state help fund Mesaba, increasing not just property taxes but also our contribution of greenhouse gases and our exposure to airborne and water pollutants - mercury, sulfur dioxide, soot particles, etc. Water used to cool the plants will eventually be dumped into the Mississippi, from which many of us get our drinking water, and increased particulate matter in the air will exacerbate respiratory conditions. “Clean” coal is antiquated technology gussied up with dubious promises.

Monday, February 26, 2007

God was right

I think god was right when she sent Michele "Fool for Christ " Bachmann to Washington. Her election to the U.S. House got her out of Minnesota and into a crowded room where she can't do as much damage.