Friday, June 01, 2007

Earbud wearin' fool

This morning I joined the throngs of jogging, dork walking, rollerblading, dog-escorting fools with mp3 players dangling from their ears. I bought an mp3/fm radio player yesterday, set my alarm clock and strutted to the morning news bright and early before work today. I was a little self-conscious, like a wanna-be wearing the same new brand of jeans as everyone else, trying to fit in. I don't like to walk or skate alone so I usually go to the gym and read the New Yorker, but it's a shame to be inside during this sublime season. True, I'll fall behind on my subscription, but I can study what other people in the neighborhood are doing with their gardens.

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BBB said...

You know, nothing against those who choose a musical cadence while they run, but when I was a runner (before my left leg was reconstructed), I found it liberating to run with only the wind (or honking horns, or the rumble of freight trains) in my ears.

In fact, there's even a feeling among some runners that listening to music diminishes the experience.