Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Letter to my Senators


I am writing to thank you for voting to enhance the SCHIP program.

However, I disagree with your vote to authorize additional, unconditional money for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. What accountability do the American people have for this expenditure? Where is this money coming from? Obviously not from the pockets of hyper-wealthy Americans, those this administration and the republican party represent, whose worth continues to grow in inverse proportion to the wealth of the plodding masses. No, it's going to be paid for with the sweat and tears and blood of ordinary working Americans and their children. The one percent of you who will be shielded from the war and from the overburden of property taxes and expensive health care and high energy costs will never feel a thing, and your children will never know what it's like to feel insecure and on your own and high and dry in this so-called rising tide of prosperity.

Can't any of you get a grip?

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