Saturday, June 29, 2013

Mexico 1987, Part 3: You Can Leave Your Boots On

Oct 24, going on 6 a.m.

Well, isn't this interesting? I've not so recently woken up to one of those sleepless nights from all the excitement. I had a similar experience my first night on the NE coast of Brazil. Tonight is just a tad different circumstance, however.

I spent the day SHOPPING in the ritzy Zona Rosa - I only bought one black rayon mini skirt and one pair of way cool silver earrings of the stone faces. Anyway, my left knee has been giving me pain after work or walking a lot, so I got some "bar" clothes on and went to sit in the BAR and relax and find someone to talk to (or maybe subconsciously, to fuck), and have a couple margaritas. He was sitting on the only bar stool at the bar and offered it to me after the second margarita. The first thing he said to me was what was my tattoo. Turns out he's German, from Munich, and has been living at this hotel for about 11 years off and on, and he's in the export biz. Nice fellow, sort of handsome in a sort of German way, tallish (for me), slender, nice ass in cotton pants and cowboy boots, a particular weakness of mine. Eventually the bar is full of regulars, friends all of them, and I have gone off maggies and onto less face-reddening vodka tonics. After about 4(?) hours, I figure I should get something to eat, not having anything in my estomick since breakfast huevos rancheros. So Werner, a VERY German name, orders me a pepper steak to be sent to my room. He wasn't going to eat but would keep me company and watch the news. (Excuse me a moment - the tequila is not agreeing with me and I must get to the toilet!) . . .

(I'm back - those maggies sure gave me the shits!) He stretched out on my bed and turned on the TV as I ate and tried to get hold of my dad. I was feeling pretty randy by now and needed no further invitation, so I pushed aside the zen remains of my dinner and crawled across the bed and kissed him, straddling that oh so tempting pelvic triangle. And OH! MY MY MY!!! I had a suspicion that he would be good, "TASTY," after the other, younger German that slipped through my hands at the bar in Amsterdam. HE wound up chewing on a Dutch girl's ear on the dance floor, while I sat, trying not to be rude to the Norwegian, drooling out the side of my face! Maybe it's just a stereotype, but thank god it held true!!

NASTY MAN ooh la la!! We must've fucked for 2 or more hours, until my body was numb and I had lost all sense of dignity; he teased me and teased me and then LEFT to take a SHOWER in HIS ROOM!! And I should mention here that he NEVER took off his BOOTS!!! He said he'd call and come back later; I fell asleep but woke up with a premature hangover.

I should've guessed at the start that he'd have a woman here: I heard them arguing in the courtyard, mostly HIM calling her an ASSHOLE for getting upset about it. I just stood in the darkened window hoping this didn't mean he was sleeping with her tonight. What a bitch I am!

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