Thursday, February 23, 2006

Samba School

It's almost Carnival time around the world. I just got a fabulous cd by Seu Jorge, "Carolina," that puts me right in the mood! Go to for colorful photos and an explanantion about samba schools in Rio, "The Greatest Show on Earth!" I just learned this fun fact from the world wide web: The word "Carnival" comes from a latin word that means "goodbye to the flesh," At first I thought they were talking about a person's flesh, as in chastity, because the celebration is all about sins of the flesh, and partying it up before the big sacrifices of Lent. But they are referring to MEAT, ya know, how Catholics don't eat meat for Lent? (which I just don't get, since giving up meat is hardly a sacrifice in these modern times).

Here's a fairly good explanation of the celebration:

Throughout the world, every year, countries take part in a festival which is based upon the Christian season of Lent. In most countries, the festival is called Carnaval or in the United States you might recognize the celebration by the name of Mardi Gras. In the past this event has been marked by parades and masked balls for participants of the Catholic church. Today Carnaval has become a widely attended, secular event which the Church might view as being filled with sin and every excess known in society. Continued . . .

I think this other page gives a better overview of the tradition, for anyone who's ever wondered. I've been lucky enough to celebrate Carnival in both Brazil and Trinidad, and it is a fuckin' good time!

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Amaha said...

Sorry Sassy, I've been down with the flu so I've been kind of quiet lately. I've never been to Carnival, but LENT, I know all about that. At the Tavern it's six weeks of PURE FUN!