Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Long time reader, first time blogger

So, here it is, who knew it could be so easy? I should have guessed that someone had invented such a tool, but I'm a late adopter of most technology, so that's about par.

I'm feeling a little tired and blue today, so I picked a bright color for the blog template. It's a grey day, and something sunny is required to pick up the spirits. We are also only at the half-way point, so realizing that summer is a long way off doesn't help the mood.

Has everyone seen "Brokeback Mountain?" Are you sick of hearing about it? I still can't get it out of my head and my heart still feels heavy when I remember it. After Pat and I saw it at the Heights, I searched for as many articles as I could find, just to be back there with Jack and Ennis again. It was hard getting through the first 10 minutes, I have to say, because I didn't know Jake had gotten so damned gorgeous. We have seen a lot of his movies (see "Bubbleboy"!), and I thought he was cute in a goofy sort of way, not as beautiful as Keanu, but at least he can act. I think it was a Details writer who called him "born credible." But it was very distracting in the opening of "BM," and I had to really work to look past that and get into the movie.

I've got KFAI streaming in my office, as I do everyday. Right now it's "Corazon Latino," and they're playing some great Cuban music. I'd better get back to work.

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ardlair said...

Well mosassy you just got lucky!

Why...........well your very first post got a comment!

This comment!!

Some people blog FOR YEARS and no-one says anything to them.

So I say.........keep cheery and Keep on Bloggin in the Free World.