Wednesday, February 15, 2006


My horoscope for this week, from Free Will astrologer Rob Brezsny:

SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Imagine that you're a circus acrobat whose
specialty is working high in the air. You're skilled at swinging from one
trapeze to another. You have utmost confidence in your timing and
concentration and grip, so that when you let go of one bar and are flying
toward the next, there's no doubt you'll make it. I believe that your life
has now brought you to a transition that's metaphorically similar to the
moment of being in between trapezes. Don't think too hard as you soar
across the abyss; trust your instincts.

AND, since it doesn't look like the Strib will be printing my letter, here's that too, for all the world to read:

Star Tribune

To the editor: February 9, 2006

It’s disconcerting that pundits from across the political spectrum are falling all over themselves to point out that some Republicans are voicing concerns over the previously secret NSA wiretapping program of Americans, as if that is the ultimate proof that the program might be unconstitutional and should be receiving scrutiny from another branch of government. What is it about living in the United States that assures us of our cultural superiority, is it our commitment to democracy, with the rights and freedoms that accompany it, or merely the high standard of living we enjoy? Are we content to live happily and complacently under the rule of a fatherly autocrat, instead of the president of a democracy, as long as our comfort and safety is assured? Just how many more lies and secrets are we willing to ignore?

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