Friday, February 24, 2006

It's the economy, part deux

So, although that was a damn short interview for AG, it reveals more of what I believe is the over-arching strategy of the "long war" to "reshape the middle east" (more like reshape the pipeline of goods and services): they need to establish permanent bases in Iraq, and they're having a very rough time of it in there, so . . . make a deal with Dubai, and maybe that's the next best thing. I'm still piecing this thing together, and better minds than mine are working on it, too. If you have any leads, let me know.

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Amaha said...

Yo-Mosassy (that has a nice ring!)

For years now we have had it beaten in our heads that the "Free-Market" is the only and best way of doing business. Perhaps, this ideology is beginning to show a few rips in its fabric. Many South American countries have begun to reject America's "free-market" enterprise, calling it what it is-GREED. The policies are GREAT for the billionaires, but for the worker drones, it sucks. America has been looted, the divide of wealth has widened, and I read today our children's future is worse than what it was for our parents. That is a disgusting legacy for America! I stand firmly opposed to ANY foreign government OWNING infrastructure of America. Once again, only the billionaires will benefit and our politicians continue to squander our future in their get-rich quick schemes.