Thursday, February 16, 2006

Progressives, Listen UP!

"Imagine a Democratic Party that could talk of a New Bottom Line, so that American institutions would be judged efficient, rational, and productive not only to the extent that they maximize money and power, but also to the extent that they maximize people’s capacities to be loving and caring, ethically and ecologically sensitive, and capable of responding to the universe with awe and wonder. "

Don't you feel jaded when you read that? Cynical? I sure do, even though those words, that philosophy, is exactly the view I hold and that I have failed to express over the past 2 election cycles, choosing instead to argue why the right is so wrong. Like banging your head against a wall. Like I've said to Pat, if there is a god, GW will find out on judgement day that what he's been up to is not what she had in mind.

"A progressive politics of meaning does not require that one believe in a Supreme Being, much less the specific God that has been taught in orthodox versions of Christianity, Judaism, or Islam. But it does require a recognition that many people want more from their lives than an accumulation of comforts, pleasures, and material goodies. We want more than power, more than fame, more than sexual conquest, we actually want to connect our lives to something of transcendent importance the value of which will continue beyond our own individual life. Counter to the empiricist and scientific reductionism that sometimes gets confused with rational thought, the Politics of Meaning insists that not everything real or important can be quantified or verified through sense-data. The deepest human desires—the desires for loving connection, for transcendent meaning to life, and for justice and peace (not just for ourselves but for others)—are rooted in what we call a spiritual conception of the world."

Those quotes are
taken from Rabbi Michael Lerner's book "The Left Hand of God," and you can read a lot more at the website.

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Amaha said...

Our society is totally hopeless. Educating our children amounts to raising them to become good little worker drones. There is minimum effort in the public school system to nurture the imagination of our youth. They've grown up now, more interested in a dopamine fix than being concerned about the world around them.

Oblivious to the little birds huddled together around the smoking chimneys up and down the street on a cold January morning. Blindly ignoring how perfectly magenta and orange compliment each other in a sunset. Unaware of how a sea gull, hanging out at Cub parking lot, maneuvers when flying into a strong wind. If WE could all spend more time being observers of the world around us, there would be no time for making war. We would love what we have discovered too much to ever want to destroy it.