Friday, September 05, 2008


In case you are wondering what the infamous "anarchists" look like, I got some pictures. I didn't include them before because I thought they were just punks. They were walking onto John Ireland with their arms linked, with one of them trying to get them into some sort of cohesive group. Someone asked them "are you the RNC Welcoming Committee?" and one of them grumbled something (so I don't know if they were part of that group). The next question asked was "what you protesting?" and one of them said "everything bad." That was right before the took to the street with the mounted police galloping after them. One of them tossed a trash can onto the street. I said, out loud, to no one in particular, "now, what is littering going to accomplish?"

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Elena said...

Great photos Monique, thanks for sharing and documenting the madness of St.Paul's police during the RNC convention of spin and lies.