Saturday, May 17, 2008

Made for walking

I'm intrigued by how many variations there are in the way people walk, their gait, how much weight is placed on the hip, whether the feet flatten or not before they push off. Some walk slowly and lazily, some lean fully on each leg as it pushes off, others clip along with hips barely in use.

I can't understand the persistence of the dress style of wearing one's pants pushed down over the hips, crotch hanging near the knees, underwear exposed. The person wearing his pants this way has to waddle to keep the pants from falling down. It's a very distinct walking style that requires them to lead a little with the hips, holding the legs a little wider than would otherwise be necessary. I wonder if there's any long-term damage done to the hips -- or the back -- from this style of walking.

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kate said...

Actually there is. I had an instructer in body assessment that studied a group of (old) latino gang members that had a distinct stride. They had all sorts of problems .