Thursday, May 01, 2008

Dear Senator Obama

On this May Day I write to remind you about the most critical challenge we face: global climate change.

While you (correctly) oppose suspending the gas tax over the summer, you have not explained why it would be counterproductive, nor tied your view to the need for the US to become more energy-efficient and oil-independent.

Programs and articles abound on TV and other media about alternative fuel such as biomass and ethanol, and renewable energy production. Yet congress and the president – and all of you in the current presidential race – seem to have become mute on the subject. People are dismayed that our representatives are not making headway in bringing these technologies into the mainstream. The country is ready to hear this message and get behind it!

McCain and Clinton are not addressing in their campaign stops the need for fuel-efficient cars and increasing subsidies and incentives for alternative energy technologies, such as wind and solar.

Now that your campaign is in a bit of a slump, this would a good time for you to take this issue and run with it!

Please find enclosed an article by Thomas Friedman, with whom I do not often agree, adding his to the cacophony of voices from all fronts crying out for leadership on this issue.

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