Thursday, March 02, 2006

No Basis in Reality

Okay, so this cartoon is a good example of the hoax being perpetrated on the citizenry by the corporatocracy, the illusion that there's just a difference of philosophy, of ideology . . . HELLO! It's all about global imperialism.

In this cartoon, we are asked to assume, yet again, that W is just a dumb little puppet who's being manipulated by Dick and Karl, el al. Now I'm not saying he ain't dumb, what I'm saying is, look at his Dubai Ports thing (this is a video clip from CNN, not the same link I've included before). What is the motivation? Ask yourself who stands to gain from this thing. Is it any suprise to find out that the Carlylse Group somehow has their hand in this?

The problem with the Dems, besides the fact that they are not liberals, is that they believe this is a level playing field, a fair fight between rivals, that it's just a matter of convincing voters that their ideas and philosophies should appeal to the average person. Voters have already been taken out of the equation. Consider this article that appeared in a while ago, that plainly shows what the right has been up to for some time. Here's how it starts:

One recent Sunday, at Morton Blackwell's Leadership Institute, a dozen students meet for the second and final day of training in grass-roots youth politics. All are earnest, idealistic and as right wing as you can get. They take careful notes as instructor Paul Gourley teaches them how to rig a campus mock election.

It's nothing illegal -- no ballot stuffing necessary, even at the most liberal colleges. First you find a nonpartisan campus group to sponsor the election, so you can't be accused of cheating. Next, volunteer to organize the thing. College students are lazy, and they'll probably let you. Always keep in mind that a rigged mock election is all about location, location, location.

Or, look at any of the evidence from the K Street Project, where lobbying firms are instructed to hire and with only Republicans if they want their bread to be buttered. Here's what Bill Moyers had to say about it in a recent article called "Restoring the Public Trust":

In addition to finding Jesus, Tom DeLay also discovered a secular ally to serve his ambitions. He found out the power of money to power his career. “Money is not the root of all evil in politics,” DeLay once said. “In fact, money is the lifeblood of politics.” By raising more than 2 million dollars from lobbyists and business groups and distributing the money to dozens of Republican candidates in 1994, the year of the Republican breakthrough in the House, DeLay bought the loyalty of many freshmen legislators and got himself elected Majority Whip, the number three man in Newt Gingrich’s “Gang of Seven” who ran the House.

Here’s how they ran it: On the day before the Republicans formally took control of Congress on January 3, 1995, DeLay met in his office with a coterie of lobbyists from some of the biggest companies in America. The journalists Michael Weisskopf and David Maraniss report that “the session inaugurated an unambiguous collaboration of political and commercial interests, certainly not uncommon in Washington but remarkable this time for the ease and eagerness with which these allies combined.”

DeLay virtually invited them to write the Republican agenda. What they wanted first was “Project Relief” -- a wide-ranging moratorium on regulations that had originally been put into place for the health and safety of the public. For starters, they wanted “relief” from labor standards that protected workers from the physical injuries of repetitive work. They wanted “relief’ from tougher rules on meat inspection. And they wanted “relief” from effective monitoring of hazardous air pollutants. Scores of companies were soon gorging on Tom DeLay’s generosity, adding one juicy and expensive tid-bit after another to the bill. According to Weisskopf and Maraniss, on the eve of the debate 20 major corporate groups advised lawmakers that “this was a key vote, one that would be considered in future campaign contributions.” On the day of the vote lobbyists on Capitol Hill were still writing amendments on their laptops and forwarding them to House leaders.

The Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, famously told the lobbyists: “If you are going to play in our revolution, you have to live by our rules.” Tom DeLay became his enforcer.

The rules were simple and blunt. Contribute to Republicans only. Hire Republicans only. When the electronics industry ignored the warning and chose a Democratic Member of Congress to run its trade association, DeLay played so rough – pulling from the calendar a bill that the industry had worked on two years, aimed at bringing most of the world in alignment with U.S. copyright law – that even the House Ethics Committee, the watchdog that seldom barks and rarely bites, stirred itself to rebuke him – privately, of course.

Sometime last summer, I think, I read an indepth article in The New Yorker about a private college that recruits mostly home-schooled students , who, if you didn't know this already, are raised with hyper-conservative ideology, and educating them on public affairs and political science. TNY doesn't archive all it's articles (yet - though they say you can find them on LexisNexis), and it's since gone to be recycled, but trust me, it made me shiver.

And, if you read anything about global media consolidation (this is a helpful and colorful chart to help you understand the extent to which you are being controlled), you will see that the evil empire has their death grip on everything (did I just mix metaphors?) - OH OH, I have another one . . . We're in the MATRIX!! (the first one, not the lame sequels).

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Amaha said...

You cover a lot of territory, Mosassy...

I believe one of the core issues with the Dubai Port deal is the fact that Americans suddenly realized how much of America is being sold to foreign owned companies and governments. Despite being told for the past 20 years that this is a good thing, Americans suddenly awoke from their slumber and said, "Wait a minute!" The vast majority of the people are beginning to see that they are not benefiting from such practices, in fact, the middle-class continues to suffer enormously as good jobs are sent overseas. It does not help that these deals are done in the back room, behind the backs of the taxpayers. The Dubai Port deal is a rare look at what is going on. Thom Hartman posted an article on Common Dreams this week that had a long list of different sectors and how much of each was owned by foreigners. It was shocking to say the least.


There is much criticism that the media spotlight is taking away from other issues, but I disagree. Lou Dobbs has been incredible this week, making Bushco look very bad in supporting the SELLING OF AMERICA, add that to Bush's deal with India, trading Nukes for Mangoes, we see just how insane this imperial policy really is.

I have maintained for some time, that the minions of the far-right are loud and belligerent and that is how they move their agenda along. Like the typical school yard bully they push and shove to get what they want. They have been planted in our courts, in our schools and all through our government. People like Whorowitz loudly accusing academia of teaching liberal ideas to our youth. Others like Bill O'Reilly and Rush that have (for way too long now) been allowed to voice bigotry on the airwaves as if it is acceptable.

Schools in general, cash strapped and underfunded, are there to turn out worker drones. There is minimal attention to nurturing creativity or critical thinking, skills one does not need to possess in the average work place. The super conservative students are being planted throughout our society. I read a while back that something like 4 out of 5 (my memory may be off, but it was a shocking statistic nonetheless) students that WIN a slot as a White House intern comes from schools like Bob Jones University.

Also, a southern University, Liberty, has been putting together a debate team that has begun to take top honors in the debate field. Most of these students were home schooled... Liberals MUST be prepared to face these debaters for in the future for they will be the ones spewing their facts on the likes of Fox News and CNN, and they will be employed by the big name Think-Tanks.

We live in a world where our government spent 1.6 billion dollars on propaganda in the past 30 months. That is a stark reality for us to counter, those of us that want nothing other than the TRUTH. Did you see that Zogby did a first ever poll of soldiers in Iraq. Something like almost 9 out 10 soldiers believed they were there because Saddam Hussein was involved in 911? WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE? Our soldiers need more than just armor, it is obvious that they also need a big dose of the RED PILL! And an even sadder reality is that a good chunk of America is blissfully ignorant about what is going on. At least the Dubai Port Deal struck a nerve.