Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Letter to Editor

The Minnesota House and Senate should submit a resolution to impeach President Bush and Vice President Cheney for their crimes and misdemeanors against the constitution and citizens of the United States. Impeachment is not a far-fetched or radical process. It is the beginning of an inquiry into the allegations of wrong-doing of a public official.

US House members will not risk the presidency by pushing this issue, so it is up to the states to do so, and it would take only one.

If a state legislature presents a resolution to the US House, they have to investigate the allegations with impeachment hearings. Our state representatives promised to defend the constitution from enemies foreign and domestic. The Bush-Cheney White House is a far greater threat to our democracy than terrorism, and their devastating legacy is widespread and deeply felt by Minnesotans, most recently, by supression of state consumer protections during this sub-prime maelstrom. For Minnesota alone the cost of the Iraq war is over $12 billion and climbing by the second, in addition to the effects the war has had (and will continue to have indefinitely) on Minnesota soldiers and their families, livelihoods and emotional well-being. Minnesota has the responsibility to act to bring the president and his corrupt administration to justice. What our "leaders" are doing is not for love of country or democracy but for power and money.

It is not enough to let the clock run out on the reign of the Bush administration. When they leave office all evidence of their abuses will go with them, as will the political will to hold them accountable. Besides, they have all gotten so rich on taxpayer dollars they will be able to repel the most vigorous lawsuits against them. What's more, precedence will bequeath similar powers to subsequent presidents, regardless of ideology.

Thomas Jefferson had the foresight to provide states with this option to redress the abuse of power by the federal government. Let's use it.

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