Thursday, August 24, 2006


I haven't been sleeping well for what seems like months. I wake up around 3:00 am, and, realizing I am wide awake, read for a little before trying to go back to sleep. Then, if I can go back to sleep, I often feel worse because I get into that deep dreaming sleep and then have to be yanked out it. Or, I start to fall asleep at around 5:00 am, right around the time the cat starts crying to either get fed or be let outside. It's such torture, too, even though I am getting more reading done, because I am an 8-hour a night girl - otherwise I just don't feel right. It makes it hard to keep up an exercise routine, and when I get home, I just don't want to do anything but sit on the couch and watch t.v. I have tried several things, only herbal, and they do help sometimes. Keep your fingers crossed for me tonight.


Amaha said...

Justin is about one of the wisest people I know... he once told me that there is a reason people have sleepless nights. Some scientist believe that it goes back to the days when we still lived in caves and we took turns standing guard. Now, when I have a night that I have trouble sleeping, I just sigh to myself and say, "It's my turn to guard the tribe."

My mother takes Tylenol PM--- she is much more neurotic than I am. She begins to obsess over not being able to sleep soon after she gets up in the morning- they do, however, seem to work for her. I suspect that she is "dependent" on taking the pill. I used to get up and have a cigarette, but I quit smoking almost three months ago:-)I haven't figured out what I can do now, but I find that getting out of bed for 15 or 20 minutes works better than just laying in bed thinking about not sleeping.

Then, if all else fails, and if you can handle it, scientist also say that there is really something to drinking warm milk.

Amaha said...

PS--- Notice the time on this post is 2:15 AM...HA!

Actually, it's only 1:15 CDT. My bedtime is around 1:30... which means... sweet dreams...